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Documentation and regulations for a post-doctoral degree (Habilitation)

Regulations for a post-doctoral degree (Habilitationsordnung - only available in german)

The following documents must be included in an application to initiate the post-doctoral dissertation (Habilitation) process (currently only available in german) for an academic discipline. The application must be submitted in writing to the chair of the Habilitation Committee. Documentation must be submitted at least 28 days before the scheduled committee meeting (see below under deadlines) in the Faculty Office of the Committee for Doctoral Studies and Habilitation.


Please note the guidelines for a cumulative Habilitation.


Documentation (documents 1-4 are not required for applications to initiate the Habilitation process):


1.  An informal application to initiative Habilitation proceedings to the chair of the Habilitation Committee, Prof. Dr. Andreas Taubert, with specification of academic discipline

2. Proposals for expert reviewers and the commission in accordance with Article 3 Para 2 of the Habilitation Regulations

3.   An informal explanation of whether applications for a Habilitation have been submitted previously; if this is the case, indicate the time, the university and faculty, the topic of the Habilitation, and the result of the application

4.  An explanation of the fact that the applicable Habilitation Regulations have been noted

5. Tabular CV of your academic and professional development; four copies

6. Certified copy of the doctoral degree certificate (we can certify the copy if you show us the original); a certified translation for certificates in a foreign language

7.  One copy of the dissertation

8.  A complete list of published scientific work; four copies

9.  Four special prints each for three selected works

10. A list of academic presentations delivered at scholarly events, as well as poster contributions

11.   A list of courses held at institutions of higher education, indicating the time, type of course, and scope

12. Three topic proposals for a 45-minute demonstration lecture to students majoring in the subject (the topics should overlap as little as possible, cover a broad spectrum of the selected academic discipline, and not be identical with the subject of the dissertation or the Habilitation)

13.  Four copies of the bound Habilitation

14. Twenty copies of theses in which the essential contents of the Habilitation are summarized

15.   A police clearance certificate, no older than three months

16.  A popular science abstract (one page at most)