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News from the Faculty of Science

Selected Subject:
Rendering of self-assembled hard spheres

Complex forms from simple building blocks

Ivan Spirandelli, PhD student at the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Potsdam, has mathematically investigated the self assembly of …
Prof. van der Beek

Prof. van der Beek becomes President of the European Geosciences Union

Peter van der Beek, Professor of General Geology at the University of Potsdam, was elected to serve as EGU President for the term 2025–2027. He was …
Matthias Hartlieb und Alain Bapolisi im Labor

“Our Goal is to Develop an Alternative to Antibiotics”

Matthias Hartlieb and his team research synthetic polymers for biomedical applications

Dr. Matthias Hartlieb has declared war on antibiotic-resistant germs and, together with his colleagues, is researching how the properties of polymers …
Earth Sciences

University of Potsdam top in Earth and Environmental Sciences

In the 2nd edition of ranking of the best universities in the arena of Earth and Environmental Sciences the University of Potsdam scored …
Prof. Wilke

Prof. Max Wilke elected as MSA Fellow

Honor of the Mineralogical Society of America

Prof. Dr. Max Wilke, Professor for Mineralogy at the Institute of Geosciences has been elected as Fellow by the Mineralogical Society of America on 23 …

Support for young researchers announced

Application deadline: 24 September 2023

New insights into deep earthquakes in the central Andes

Study recently published in Nature Communications Earth and Environment combines seismological, thermomechanical and geological approaches to explain …

Subduction zones, where oceanic lithospheric plates plunge into the mantle, are a significant global source of seismic hazards, with earthquakes …

Annual Program of Potsdam Graduate School online

Attention PhD and postdocs!

Oldest palaeogenome from the African continent tells of the extinction of the blue antelope

An international team of scientists led by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the University of Potsdam generated the first two nuclear genomes of …

Honorary doctorate awarded to Prof. Dr. Frank Scherbaum

This high honour recognizes the Institute of Geosciences former chair holder and his research in the field of ethnomusicology.