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Welcome to the new podcast: Kopfschlemmer-Nutritional knowledge simple and fun.

We will be presenting new episodes of general and important aspects of nutritional science here at regular intervals. In a relaxed atmosphere, we will talk and discuss "healthy eating", dispel nutrition myths, explain different diets, review "the latest nutrition recommendations circulating on the net" or simply talk about how difficult it sometimes is to eat healthily and stick to it.

I hope you enjoy our teaching and learning podcast (we're learning with you too . Write to us if you have any suggestions for topics, see any improvements, would like to criticize us or want us to take a closer look at the latest trend.
Mail: kopfschlemmeruni-potsdamde

Episode 1: Hello and how do we actually eat?

Hello to our first attempt at starting a podcast. Today we'll briefly introduce ourselves, explain our podcast adventure and talk about how we eat and the difficulties we face. Look forward to the next episodes...

Folge 2: Die DGE Empfehlungen

Welcome back. In the 2nd episode, we discuss the old and new recommendations of the German Nutrition Society. Linda and Sophie discuss whether the recommendations have an impact on their diet and launch the new section “The latest internet trend”. Here we will take a close look at nutritional recommendations or representations that are floating around on the internet and see whether they are healthy or make little sense.

Important disclaimer: A) We are not qualified nutritionists, but nutritional scientists by training and B) we are not able or qualified to give nutritional advice.