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External Lecturers

Clemens Appel presided over several labour courts before he fulfilled different tasks in the departmental administrations of the German Länder North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg. He has been secretary of state in diverse ministries of Brandenburg (Labour & Social Affairs, Construction & Traffic, State Chancellery). Presently he is managing director of Goldmedia Political & Staff Advising GmbH. Since winter term 2011/12 he is also associate lecturer at the chair.

Dr. Christiane Büchner is scientific assistant at the Institute of Local Government Studies of the University of Potsdam (KWI). She contributes to the range of teaching the chair is providing every year since winter term 2001/2002.

Dr. Jürgen R. Grote had been visiting professor for political science at the Technical university of Darmstadt and held the Marie Curie Chair in Public Policy at the Charles University in Prague. Since winter term 2011/12 he is inter alia associate lecturer at the chair.

Dr. Jochen Hucke  is working for the senate administration of Berlin. He is since 1999 associate lecturer at the chair.

Dr. Christian Humborg  is managing director of Transparency International and since summer term 2011 associate lecturer.

Dipl.-Pol. Christian Maaß is managing director of the Social Democrat Community for local Politics in Brandenburg association (SGK Brandenburg).  He is lecturing for the chair since winter 2004.

Dr. Hartmut Mangold worked in diverse functions at the departmental administrations of the Länder North Rhine-Westfalia, Brandenburg, Sachsen and the German Federal State, for example, he worked for the state chancellery of Brandenburg, the Federal Chancellery and as secretary of state in the Saxon ministry of economics. Since winter 2011 he is working for the chair.

Peter Ruhenstroth-Bauer is a lawyer (Communication & Strategie). He has been deputy head of the Press and Information Office of the federal government and secretary of state in the Ministry for family, elderly, woman and youth. He is offering seminars for political communication at the University of Potsdam since summer term 2010.

Christine Rudolf, MdL a.D. has worked most recently as member of the financial committee of the state parliament in Baden-Württemberg. She is doing a PhD in political science at the Freie Universität Berlin to the topic „Erfolgreiche Einführung von neuen Steuerungsinstrumenten in Länderhaushalten“. Further she has published a book titled „Frauen und Geld, Wider die ökonomische Unsichtbarkeit von Frauen“. Since winter 2011 she is one of the associate lecturers of the chair.

Juliane Seifert is historian and political scientist. She is working as expert the federal ministry of the interior in the task force “Angelegenheiten der neuen Bundesländer (New Länder affairs)”. She takes a part in the teaching of the chair since winter 2011.