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Public Sector Modernization

Completed Projects

  • 10 years modernization of the public sector: A first appraisal of national and international experiences, supported by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation | Werner Jann and others
  • German Administration at the transition to the 21. century, supported by the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation | (Klaus König, Research institute for public administration at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, Werner Jann and others)
  • Administrative modernization in the multi-level system of the German Länder | Ph.D. project, Kai Wegrich
  • One year Hartz Reform: A sustainable strategy? Common project with the Social Science Centre Berlin, supported by the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation | Werner Jann together with Prof. Günther Schmid, WZB
  • Narratives of Governance (International comparative project with researchers from nine countries) supported by the Danish "Magtudredningen" | Werner Jann