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Organization of government and administrative systems

Completed Projects

  • Research Project SOG-PRO: Structure and Organisation of Governments Project | Werner Jann, Julia Fleischer
  • COBRA: Comparative Public Organisation Data Base for Research and Analysis-Netzwerk | Tobias Bach
  • CRIPO: Comparative Research into Current Trends in Public Sector Organization (COST-Action IS0601) | Werner Jann, Tobias Bach and Julia Fleischer
  • Core executives in Western Europe: DFG project | Werner Jann, Marian Döhler, Julia Fleischer and Thurid Hustedt
  • Opportunity and feasibility of establishing common support services for EU agencies, Study for the European Parliament | Werner Jann, Tobias Bach, Julia Fleischer, Thurid Hustedt and Bastian Jantz
  • Executives and Policy Performance: Expertise on Sustainable Governance Indicators, supported by the Bertelsmann Foundation | Werner Jann and Markus Seyfried
  • Best Practice in Governance of Agencies, Study for the European Parliament | Werner Jann, Tobias Bach, Julia Fleischer and Thurid Hustedt
  • Administering Global Governance: Working Group of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) Brussels | Prof. Werner Jann and others
  • Governing in the 21th century: Common project with the research institute for public administration at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, founded by the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation | Prof. Werner Jann together with Prof. Klaus König, Speyer
  • Political steering of federal agencies: Empirical analysis of the relationship between federal ministries and federal agencies, supported by the DFG | Post-doctoral project Marian Döhler
  • Formation, organization and performance of Central State Administration in Central and Eastern Europe,  founded by the DFG | Jochen Franzke, Astrid Strohbach, Stefanie Tragl and Olaf Dahlmann
  • Building Advisory Capacities in the Field of European Integration: Co-operation at development of a manual for advisors in the context of a UNDP/NISPAcee project. Chapter: "Needs for horizontal Integration" | Jochen Franzke
  • Central State Reform: International Best Practice for the modernization of state and administration and its transfer into reform programs at Federal and Länder level in Germany,supported by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation | Prof. Werner Jann, Prof. Frieder Naschold (WZB) and Prof. Christoph Reichard