Students and Researchers from Ukraine

The Law Faculty of the University of Potsdam is fully aware of the situation in Ukraine and stands in solidarity with academics at risk.

The study of law is part of a specific historical tradition and aims primarily at employment in the German legal system. As the legal and judicial language is German, law is also taught in German. The minimum language level required is C1. The extent to which the continuation of law studies begun in Ukraine appears possible and sensible cannot therefore be answered in a general way.

The Law Faculty offers a LL.M.-programme in German law for foreign students. The programme is also taught in German. Please be aware that this degree does not automatically qualify for the German labour market in the field of law.

PhD-students might profit from the fact that our Faculty offers a non-structured programme. You will need to find a supervisor with expertise in your field of research. Each case must be individually looked at in order to be eligible to the doctoral programme. Usually, minimum requirements are a very good or excellent final grade in your foreign LL.M., solid knowledge in German law and the participation in two seminars here in Potsdam. In justified exceptional cases, individual requirements may be waived. The doctoral thesis may be written in German, English or French.

For further information please contact the following faculty members:

Prof. Dr. Uwe Hellmann – Criminal Law  E-Mail

Prof. Dr. Michael Sonnentag – Private International Law E-Mail

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmermann – Public International Law E-Mail


Unfortunately, the Faculty is not in a position to offer any funding.

For general information, please consult the site of our University’s Welcome Centre.

Updated: 08.04.2022


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Yannic Klutke