Conference and Collective Volume on Sibling Relationships


The interdisciplinary conference „Biographie - Allegorie - Ideologie. Die Geschwister-beziehung als soziokulturelles Ideal- und Spiegelbild“ (Biography - Allegory - Ideology. The sibling relationsship as socio-cultural ideal and mirror image) took place from September 25th-26th 2013 and was organized in cooperation with the department of German studies and the School of Jewish Theology at Potsdam University. The accompanying volume was published in 2015 under the title "Zwischen Ideal und Ambivalenz. Geschwisterbeziehungen in ihren soziokulturellen Kontexten" (Between Ideal and Ambivalence. Sibling Relationships in their socio-cultural contexts). Ed. by Ulrike Schneider, Helga Völkening and Daniel Vorpahl. Publ. in the Peter Lang Publishing House. Frankfurt am Main 2015. The flyer of the conference can be found here (in German).