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Guidelines for an Internship

1. Juridical Foundations

In Religious Studies as a primary subject, according to the study regulations of 2014 (in German), two practical modules are scheduled for the sixth semester. Students enrolled according to these study regulations should do the “Practice Module”, as well as the “Subject-Integrated Practice Module”, preferably in combination. This means, that you can do ONE internship, which covers both modules.
Students enrolled according to the study regulations of 2017 (in German) do an internship in the module "Berufsfeldspezifische Kompetenzen". 

2. Search for an Internship Position

A total of 300 hours have to be completed within eight weeks in an institution of your choice that is relevant to religious studies. Particularly suited for this are institutes that are attached to universities, museums, foundations, publishing houses, cultural and public institutions. Which institution is suitable for you depends on the focus of your studies to date and your occupational preferences.

For support for the search for an internship position, please contact me, your lecturers or the Career Service of the University of Potsdam. On its web pages you can find out more abour internship positions (the page is in German, please contact me, if you need help). You will in any case need academic supervision by a lecturer of religious studies with whom you can discuss the academic orientation and the goals of the internship.

3. Internship Contract

Once you have found an institution willing to take you on, you should conclude an internship contract. It will state your field of work and the topics you are about to research (Again, the page is in German, please contact me for help).

4. Internship Report

A closing report is part of the internship. It informs the supervising lecturers of the parameters of the internship and of your activities in it. Its purpose is that you reflect on the interaction of internship and study. Take down notes throughout your internship; this will facilitate later analysis! A central question of the report is to what extent it was possible to bring contents of your studies into the internship, and whether and how certain specific experiences of the internship will shape your professional orientation.

For your guidance you can download a sample outline here. [PDF document, in German]

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