Despite the current pandemic we are still looking for local volunteers helping our newly arrived international PhDs feel welcome. Depending on the current rules and regulations, the exchange may need to be limited to virtual meetings. 

Local PhDs as Buddies

Im Vordergrund sitzen vier Personen, die lachen und klatschen. Im Hintergrund sitzen vier weitere Personen
Photo: Thomas Roese

You are interested in meeting and supporting international PhD students?

Many PhD candidates and guest researchers come to Potsdam University from abroad to get a doctorate or work on research projects. Some will be in Potsdam for short periods of 1 to 3 months, others will stay several years. Some bring their families but many come on their own. We strive to match international and local buddies according to availability as well as area of research and campus affiliation.

As a buddy you would help new arrivals to settle in in Potsdam and at the university. Your responsibilities comprise the following points but may vary according to your buddy's individual needs:

(Should you be unable to answer your buddy's questions, please contact the  Welcome Center.)

Search for Accommodation

Pick up at the Airport or Train Station upon Arrival

Settling in in the City and at University

Visit to the Authorities



Knowledge of German

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Online Registration

Please click here to register for the Buddy Program. Registration is possible at any time during the semester.