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Biochemistry- Wendler Research Group

Welcome to the Wendler lab @ University of Potsdam

We aim to understand the mechanisms of force generation and force perpetuation in AAA+ ATPase motor assemblies and other molecular machines.

Our aim is to solve the conformational dynamics of molecular machines at the highest possible resolution using single particle cryo EM. Members of the large protein superfamily of AAA+ proteins (ATPases associated with various cellular activities) are at the core of many essential multi protein assemblies involved in re-organisation and recycling processes of membranes, proteins or DNA in the cell. They convert chemical energy into mechanical work, and our lab aims to obtain a structural view on the complex conformational dynamics of these fascinating molecular machines in action. In particular, we want to understand how allosteric interactions between AAA+ modules in the active oligomer regulate ATPase activity and how accessory factors influence complex activity. The ultimate goal is to integrate structural data obtained by cryo electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography with mutational analysis and biophysical experiments in order to tackle severe disorders and illnesses stemming from malfunctioning molecular machines.