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Academic Writing

These guidelines for academic writing give you some essential pointers regarding the content of research papers/ essays/ Modularbeiten/ bachelor’s or master’s theses when submitted at our chair.

Style Sheet

This style sheet provides you with guidelines for the formal set up of research papers and essays when submitted at our chair. It is based on the MLA Handbook, 8th ed. and focuses on basic formal requirements and gives extensive examples.

Department's Code of Conduct

The department's Code of Conduct is crucial for constructive interaction in the classroom. So too are the Elements of Good Digital Conduct, supplemented by an assortment of Study Tips for digital learning, including an assortment of technical "quick fixes." We are looking forward to teaching and learning together.

FAQs: Study Programs

FAQs: Writing a BA/MA Thesis


1. What is the purpose of writing an academic paper?

2. How do I start?

3. How do I choose a topic?

4. How do I choose my supervisors?

5. How closely do I work with my supervisor?

6. BA/MA Organizational Steps

7. How long does the grading take?

8. Formal Requirements of BA/ MA Paper

9. Plagiarism and Good Academic Conduct

10. Where can I find exemplary BA-MA papers?

11. Inability to meet deadlines

12. Where can I get support during the writing process?

13. What can I do if I have problems with my supervisor?

14. What do I have to do if I should receive a failing grade for my BA/MA thesis?

15. Defending the thesis

16. Definitions and Translations