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Welcome to the virtual tour through the different areas and offers of the Center for Academic Sports at the University of Potsdam. Under the following links you will find detailed information and impressions of our wide range of offers. You have the possibility to inform yourself about our current courses, you can go on a virtual tour through our sports facilities or you can watch videos and impressions of our various sports events.

If you have any questions that can't be answered in the FAQs, you can always ask us on Facebook or Instagram. Write us your questions via the social channels and we will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in one of our sports classes, you can enrol online or in our office within our opening hours. We offer four programmes during the year, two each semester:

  • Winter Semester: end of Oct until start of Feb (around 13-14 weeks)
  • Winter Semester Holidays: end of Feb until mid of April (around 6-7 weeks)
  • Summer Semester: end of April until mid of July (around 13-14 weeks)
  • Summer Semester Holidays: start of Aug or Sept until start of Oct (around 6-10 weeks)

The participation fee for a certain class entitles you to visit this class for the whole programme duration. For example: You registered for volleyball in the winter semester on Mondays? You visit the same class every Monday for 14 weeks.

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Quick entry into our Academic Sports Center

Impressions of selected Events

Further Areas

Registration Process Online

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To register for one of our offers, you have to fill out a form.

Most of the information you have to enter is self-explaining: name, address and e-mail. Please make sure that you do not make any typing errors. You must also indicate your status: are you studying at the university, at the university of applied sciences, are you employed at the university or a cooperating institute? You can find more information about your status group in our conditions of participation. Please have your matriculation number, your staff number or another status confirmation ready. At the end of the 1st screen you will be asked to check a box indicating that you agree with our conditions. The last box on the right will take you to the second screen.

Please check all the information you have entered and re-enter your e-mail address to prove that it is the correct one. On the bottom right hand side there is a box for your binding registration.

After you have received your confirmation e-mail, you can pay online by bank transfer. Payment by credit or debit card is not possible.
See also the attached form for an example of how to pay.

Photo: Archiv Hochschulsport

Sports classes

Current dates around the sports program can be found here


1. Can I try the course first and pay later?
Unfortunately - no.

2. How many courses can I take?
Two during the face2face booking and as many as you like online!

3. How many units do I have to pay for?
During the lecture period a fee for 13-14 weeks.

4. Can I change courses?
Yes, if there are free places.

5. Can I go anywhere and anytime?
No, you pay one fee for one course per week.

6. Will I get my money back if I cannot attend?
No, unfortunately not, unless you are injured or otherwise indisposed.