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Selected Subject:
Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Raters

Learning From Brandenburg – How a school subject promotes tolerance and respect

So far, the subject with the rather longwinded name “Lifestyle, Ethics, Religious Studies”, or L-E-R for short, has made headlines because it was …
Prof. Karen Ng (left) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Khurana

What Comes after Kant? – Researchers from all over the world network at the Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy to discuss major philosophical questions

Friedrich Nietzsche, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, and Hannah Arendt: In philosophical circles, and also beyond, these names are very well …
Tracking down the role of opinions: philosopher Dr. Eric-John Russell.

I Am of the Opinion – Therefore I Am?! – Eric-John Russell Researches the Philosophy of Opinion

It’s good when people agree on something instead of arguing all the time, isn’t it? Otherwise, of course, everyone is allowed to have their own …
Genome surgery in discourse: Robert Ranisch at a "Wissenschaft im Dialog" event | Photo: M. Scholz/WiD

“Science Needs Values” – Junior Professor of Medical Ethics Robert Ranisch is among the first newly appointed professors of the Faculty of Health Sciences Brandenburg

When COVID-19 infections, and with them the severe COVID cases, skyrocketed in the spring of 2020, medical laypersons, i.e. most people, learned a …
Prof. Dr. Fabian Schuppert | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten

Politics and Ethics go Hand in Hand – Fabian Schuppert considers political theory a very practical matter

Mountains or Sea? Fabian Schuppert should decide – “Mountains”. Car or Bike? He is sitting in his office in Griebnitzsee, which he moved into only a …
Image: Thomas Roese

What You Believe

An Interview about the Relationship between Belief and Science

What is belief? – Is it religion? Or is it a conviction that can get its orientation from other values? Prof. Johann Hafner, a professor of religious …