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News from the University of Potsdam

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Prof. Dr. Rebecca Lazarides

Pepper, ChatGPT & Co. - How intelligent tutoring systems are changing teaching

With its triumphant advance, ChatGPT has proven its worth: AI has arrived at work, university - and also at school. More than half of schoolchildren …
Student of music didactics visit the VR/ AR Makerspace of computer science

VReiraum in the Makerspace – Innovative Teaching Project on Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in Academic Teaching

How do we want to live in the city of the future? Can it be designed in a way that protects the climate and environment and also promotes social …
Prof. Dr. Nina Kolleck

Education Without Borders – Nina Kolleck investigates how NGOs are changing education systems worldwide

Across borders, more digital, and more private – how is education changing against the backdrop of globalization? Does education stop at national …
Prof. Katharina Scheiter

How to Get the Digital Into the Classroom – The “Kompetenzverbund lernen:digital” is supposed to answer this question

The world is digital – and school has to become digital too. The German government has understood this and launched a large research consortium: …
Dr. Peter Kostädt

“If I could, I would make tomorrow’s Open Science infrastructures available today” – Dr. Peter Kostädt, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the University of Potsdam

Open Science stands for science that is open, transparent, and as freely accessible as possible: What does your personal Open Science utopia look …
Neues Palais, Haus 10

A Visit among Friends – Thinking outside the Box Thanks to EDUC

How do we collect, manage, and present data on research projects? Which systems are in use in research data and science management? And how do …
A robot stands at the blackboard

Good Morning, TeachBot! – How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Teaching

Since the introduction of ChatGPT, the influence of AI on all areas of life has been the subject of heated debate. AI-assisted tools are already being …
Illustrations cognitive sciences

“Now is the right time and this is the right place“ – In Potsdam’s cognitive sciences, researchers from different disciplines have been working together successfully for many years

The cognitive sciences deal with the information processing and structures of an intelligent system – be it humans or machines. In Potsdam, cognitive …
Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter

33 Questions to Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter, Professor of Digital Education at the Department of Education

Digital media are increasingly finding their way into schools. On the one hand, their use in schools is intended to prepare children and adolescents …
Robot Nao

Face to Face – David Schlangen wants to enable artificial intelligence to interact with us in real time

Whether in an online help chat or when calling a service provider on the phone: communication with dialogue systems has become omnipresent. Most of …