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News from the University of Potsdam

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The future Leibniz Innovation Farm in Groß Kreutz

More Precise, Efficient, and Environmentally Friendly – How digital tools are changing agriculture

Can we produce food in a more climate- and environmentally friendly way? This question has been on the minds of researchers for decades and is now …
Sven Dinklage (l.) and Liliana Mayer

“A Three-Month Stay in Brazil or Argentina Is the Equivalent of Two Years at Home” – Sven Dinklage and Liliana Mayer Build Bridges to South America for the University of Potsdam

Sven Dinklage represents the University of Potsdam in Brazil. He supports students, researchers, and administration employees with regard to …
Prof. Dr. Rebecca Lazarides

Pepper, ChatGPT & Co. - How intelligent tutoring systems are changing teaching

With its triumphant advance, ChatGPT has proven its worth: AI has arrived at work, university - and also at school. More than half of schoolchildren …
Scales of justice. A bird's eye view of trees in the background.

Everything for the Climate or Climate for Everyone? – German Chancellor Fellow Kalia R. Barkai researches “Climate Justice”

Climate change has long since become a crisis. Most people have now realized this. However, we are not all experiencing this crisis in the same way. …
The Chancellor of the University of Potsdam, Hendrik Woithe

A Sustainable Campus Is Attractive – Chancellor Hendrik Woithe Explains How the University of Potsdam Wants to Become Sustainable

How do you actually make a university sustainable? You do it step by step and you work together, says Hendrik Woithe, Chancellor of the University of …
The image illustrates how in electron microscopy the electron beam interacts with a protein, providing detailed information about the protein's structure.

Tracking photosynthesis – Breakthrough in cryo-electron microscopy

High resolution cryo-electron microscopy enables to map and study the complex processes of photosynthesis in organisms in unprecedented detail. This …
At Ground Zero, the former site of the World Trade Center

On the Path to a Doctorate – Terrorism and Gender

Ever since the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the United Nations (UN) has been dealing intensively with combatting and …
Clara Schumann

On the Path to a Doctorate – How Women Become Visible in Musical History

Clara Schumann (1819-1896) was not only one of the most famous pianists of her time. She was also a composer, teacher, and editor. She toured …
Student of music didactics visit the VR/ AR Makerspace of computer science

VReiraum in the Makerspace – Innovative Teaching Project on Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in Academic Teaching

How do we want to live in the city of the future? Can it be designed in a way that protects the climate and environment and also promotes social …
The VR environment created for the project from a bird’s eye view.

Glasses On – What further training can look like in the 21st century

Learning with VR glasses and a podcast? For many, this has become reality. Further training in an interactive virtual factory? Sounds great! But is it …