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Attendance centres at universities secured in the long term - Ministry of Science supports services with 2.2 million euros annually

Bahnhofsgebäude Velten (Mark)
Photo : Thomas Roese
Die Präsenzstelle O-H-V im Bahnhofsgebäude von Velten ist eine Einrichtung der Universität Potsdam und der Technischen Hochschule Brandenburg. Sie baut Brücken zwischen Schulen, Universitäten und Wirtschaftsunternehmen.

The presence centres of the universities in the regional growth cores bring together prospective students, companies and scientific institutions on site and are currently funded by the state of Brandenburg with 2.2 million euros per year. From 1 January 2025, the presence centres will be integrated into the basic funding and thus permanently secured. Science Minister Dr Manja Schüle informed the Committee for Science, Research and Culture about this today at the Luckenwalde presence centre (Teltow-Fläming district): "If the presence centres didn't already exist, they would have to be invented! This is where science and business, politics and society meet at information events on study programmes, in research project showrooms, at STEM action days or at science slams. Presence centres stand for cooperation and collaboration and are our showcase for science in the state. That's why we want to honour their successful work by securing the services offered by the face-to-face centres in the long term - because they are now an indispensable part of the future 'Made in Brandenburg'!"

Since 2018, university offices in regional growth cores have been established and expanded as regional contact and coordination centres for prospective students and companies. The aim is to increase the visibility of universities and research institutions in regions remote from higher education institutions and to improve networking with local companies. The tasks of the presence centres include providing information and advice to prospective students, planning events and campaigns and bringing university graduates together with companies in the region. The presence centres are located in Schwedt/Oder, Spremberg, Luckenwalde, Finsterwalde, Pritzwalk, Neuruppin, Wittenberge, Velten and Fürstenwalde.

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