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University of Potsdam as the First German Member of CONAHEC at the Annual Conference for 2019

The annual conference of the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) took place a few days ago at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico in the USA. Representatives from the University of Potsdam were also there. The University was the first German university to join the network in 2018. 

CONAHEC is comprised of 160 institutions and organizations from Canada, the USA and Mexico, as well as sixteen other countries, and it is dedicated to international exchange by means of funding mobility programs for students, scholars and administrative staff. As of the summer semester of 2020, students from the University of Potsdam will have additional opportunities to study in the USA, Canada and Mexico. The University will greet its first North American students in Potsdam in the upcoming winter semester.  

The annual conference for 2019 was entitled “Strategic Higher Education Internationalization in North America: Successful Practices & Lessons Learned.” Regina Neum-Flux and Sandy Bossier-Steuerwald from the International Office presented the University’s internationalization strategy, with a focus on the International Summer Campus. 

Text: Sandy Bossier-Steuerwald
Translation: Dr. Lee Holt 
Published online by: Agnes Bressa
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