Underway in the Andes – March, 2 2017: On the journey with San Martín

Travel Journal: Doctoral Students on an Excursion in Western Argentina
Group picture at the "Ruta 7". Photo: Heiko Pingel.

We begin the first day in Mendoza, where all 35 participants arrived safely and are eager to begin our geological journey. Our first stop is at „Cerro de la Gloria“ in Mendoza, where there is a grand monument commemorating San Martín, who liberated the people of Argentina. However, we are more interested in learning about the tectonic evolution of the foreland basin. From this peak, we can see important faults and folds that create the topography of the landscape.

We decide to take a closer look at these features. We follow the route taken by San Martín, on the international highway that connects Mendoza, Argentina to Santiago, Chile across the Andes. We discuss the mountain-building history of south-central Andes, which has a different style of tectonics from the northwest. We end the day with a look at a geomorphic feature, an enormous landslide that dammed the Rio Mendoza in a catastrophic event. Finally, we are retiring to our cabañas with stomachs full of steak and wine.

Text: Melanie Lorenz, Benjamin Purinton, Marisa Repasch, Julieta Wul, Valentina Cortessa
Online published by: Daniela Großmann
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