Underway in the Andes – March, 1 2017: First contact with wine and Andes

Travel Journal: Doctoral Students on an Excursion in Western Argentina
Panorama and evening atmopshere in Mendoza. Photo: Julia Pommerencke.
Panorama and evening atmopshere in Mendoza. Photo: Julia Pommerencke.

Potsdam - Berlin - Frankfurt - Buenos Aires. At the airport of the Argentine capital we meet old friends and colleagues from Potsdam. They are now researching in other countries and universities, but will be part again of the "StRATEGy" team for the next days. After 18 hours on the plane we finally reach Mendoza, the starting point of our trip.

At late-summer temperatures we enjoy the first tastings of the best affordable wines in the country. The snow-covered mountain chains of the Andes form the right panorama and we are happy that we successfully escaped the long winter in Germany. A privilege that comes along by working as geoscientist.

Tomorrow morning, our Argentine colleagues and partners will complete the excursion group. They come from almost all the provinces of Argentina and travel to Mendoza by all different kinds of transportation. We are curious to see if they will be there in time and discuss possible "Plan B" scenarios. However, we are full of anticipation and the exciting geology that we will see during the next few days.

Text: Henry Wichura
Publshed online by: Agnetha Lang
Contact for the online editorial office: onlineredaktionuni-potsdamde

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