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First GreenGaDe article published

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Photo: GreenGaDe

We congratulate the team at UJKZ for this very nice publication!

We are delighted to share with you the first GreenGaDe paper was published by our team from University of Ki-Zerbo in the journal Fire on GHG emissions from biomass burning in croplands.

The article is about the burning of leftover crops as an agricultural measure on farms in Burkina Faso and how this affects the environment by releasing carbon. Our PhD student, Christian Bougma, and his colleagues conducted 96 controlled fires in two different climate zones (Sudanian and Sudano-sahelian zone) and two types of cropland (recently converted and old croplands) to study carbon emissions. Their results show that fires of leftover crops on plots within the Sudanian zone and those ignited on croplands, where the land was only recently converted to cropland, produced the most carbon emissions. This information is crucial for making decisions to reduce carbon pollution in agriculture.