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A hands-on training in Ghana

How do we measure greenhouse gas emissions?

At the CSIR - Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG), Kumasi, PhD students from the GreenGaDe and the CONCERT project (both WASCAL WRAP 2.0 projects) as well as interested students from FORIG learned how to measure greenhouse gas emissions from various land use types with our manual chamber-based method. They received theoretical and practical training from Dr. Amanuel Gebremichael (University of Potsdam) who taught them many details that must be considered to achieve reliable measurement results.

Here are some impressions of the participants:
“I really learned a lot from the training: I understand now the steps, from collars installation to the gas sampling, and using the software DeltaLink for time series data collection.”
“My take-home message from the training was that the chamber-based method is one of the most accurate ways of measuring greenhouse gas emissions from different land use types, although it's tedious because it evolves frequent field visits but the data that is provided at the end of the day is reliable for computing emission factors of land use types.”
“The training has enlightened me on different measurement techniques for estimating GHG emissions aside from the Eddy Covariance method. Especially with the chamber-based method, for the hands-on training provided, I am not afraid to say I can also transfer this knowledge to other people.”
“Both the theoretical and practical aspects were very rich and provided very good insights. I liked the part that focused on the connection or setting up of the sensors to operationalize the measurements.”
Amanuel, thanks a lot for providing the training!