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Official Kick-off Workshop of the WASCAL Research Action Plan 2021 – 2024 (WRAP 2.0)

The overarching goal of all WRAP 2.0 projects is interdisciplinary research to combat climate change. For the researchers, such kick-off events are important for networking and intensifying professional exchange. The workshop focuses on questions such as: "What impact can WRAP 2.0 climate research projects have on the livelihoods and socio-economic development of West African societies?" or "How can research strengthen sustainable development in West Africa?".

The objectives are to

  • Officially launch WRAP 2.0 projects
  • Showcase Research & Innovation activities, Climate & Environmental Services, and facilities of the WASCAL Competence Centre to its stakeholders/partners
  • Ensure comprehensive support for WASCAL's research agenda in West Africa
  • Strengthen WASCAL stakeholder relationships

As part of the WRAP 2.0 project presentations, the GreenGaDe project will be introduced to the audience on April 29. We look forward to a successful workshop!

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Wascal Kickoff Projects
Photo: GreenGaDe