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GreenGaDe members are standing together and one is directing the others

November 2023: We are hiring!

The team is looking for a responsible, motivated and dedicated project manager with great communicative and organizational skills.

Figure 5 from the publication showing biomass, emission and carbon pools comparing climate zones and land-use types

October 2023: First GreenGaDe publication

Christian Bougma and colleagues from UJKZ published their results about carbon emission from biomass burning on croplands.

Four GreenGaDe members from Potsdam standing in front of a meadow

October 2023: NEW Postdoc in Potsdam

We welcome our new GreenGaDe member at University of Potsdam: Dr. Larba Hubert BALIMA.

The PhD student from Ghana is demonstrating how to measure GHG

April 2023: Mutual Training in Burkina Faso

Doctoral students shared methodology and practical training on site.