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Exploring smallholder farmers' perception of climate change and responses to ecological variation effects on their livelihood activities

November 2022: Focus Group Discussions

We are finally meeting farmers and experts in Ghana for focus group discussions and interviews!

Field Work Burkina Faso

September 2022: Fieldwork in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, the fieldwork is running at high speed, too.

People collecting data and doing fieldwork within the Sahelian zone of Niger

September 2022: Fieldwork in Niger

September 2022 in Niger: The first phase of the fieldwork is ongoing in the Sahelian zone of the country.

Gas chromatography arrived in Burkina Faso! 2022

August 2022: Arrival of Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography finally arrived in Burkina Faso!

Measurements in Ghana

July 2022: Carbon pool assessment complete!

Congratulations: Field activities to assess carbon pools in woody vegetation in Ghana are completed!

Face-to-face meeting between Eveline sawadogo from Burkina Faso and Roman Hinz from University of Kassel

May 2022: Spontaneous Meeting in Bayreuther

Even though researchers involved in the same GreenGaDe work packages live and work thousands of kilometers apart, two of them recently got the chance to

Chamber Systems

April / May 2022: Arrival and Testing of chamber systems

We are delighted to hear that our project partner, Dr. Mounkaila Mohamed at University Abdou Moumouni (UAM) in Niamey (Niger) has received the SEMACH-FG.

Fieldwork in Ghana

April 2022: Field work in Ghana

Half of the fieldwork is completed!

Fruitful discussions about the proejct

March 2022: Fruitful discussions

German project partners from the University of Potsdam and the University of Kassel met in Potsdam to discuss about similarities and differences between...

group of people at GreenGaDe's Kick-Off Workshop which took place on November 2-6, 2021 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

November 2021: Kick-off Workshop

A promising start of GreenGaDe, our cross-continental collaborative project in West Africa.