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Film Screening "The World Before Her" (2012) and Discussion with Dr. Veena Hariharan

Source: Florian Schybilski / Midjourney

“Quo vadis feminism?” This is the question we will discuss with an eye to the contemporary global phenomenon of neo-nationalism on 1 December. Guest speaker and film scholar Dr. Veena Hariharan (JNU, Delhi) will help negotiate this and other questions in relation to the Indian context by making an inroad into the larger field of “Cinemas of the Global South”.

Women are increasingly wedged between purportedly irreconcilable extremes of female subjectivity. Contemporary India is a prime example of such ideological competition. This is illustrated by the promise of individual agency within a supposed ‘modernity’ represented by Western-style liberalization as opposed to an invented militant-yet-domestic ‘tradition’ of ethno-nationalist hindutva.

The IAA film series approaches this complex topic with a screening and discussion of Nisha Pahuja’s award-winning 2012 documentary The World Before Her. For this project, Pahuja has accompanied contestants for the title of Miss India as well as workers in a Durga Vahini camp that imparts Hindu-nationalist ideology and paramilitary training on young women. The documentary entangles these two narrative strands and asks the question “Where is feminism in India headed?”

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Dr. Veena Hariharan

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01.12.2022, 18:00
01.12.2022, 21:30


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