EDUC Online Event 2022

Do you feel concerned by the issues facing the European Union: climate change, sustainable development, mobility and trade, policies and legal structures for an united Europe?

It’s time to present our best practices!


10:00 – Event opening

European identity and intercultural communication:

10:05 –Testimony of gap year (Lili Nagel, University of Potsdam) + E-tandem (Université de Paris-Nanterre)
10:35 – European citizenship - Presentation EDUC Ambassadors (Université de Paris-Nanterre)
11:05 – Associated partnership possibilities + EDUC cultural activity in Pécs (Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy, University of Pécs)
11:25 – Importance of intercultural communication across disciplines (Dr. Zdenek Janik, Masaryk University)
11:40–13:00 – LUNCH BREAK


13:00 – Combating trafficking in human beings in the EU – how can research contribute? (Dr. Ágoston Csanád Mohay; Jorn van Rij, University of Pécs)
13:20 – Research meets education: Critical Thinking and Research Seminars (Prof. Alessandra Carucci, University of Cagliari)

Virtual and innovative mobilities:

14:00 – A Learning Journey - shaping collaboratively a joint strategy to promote Virtual Mobility and Exchanges for the EDUC Alliance and COIL.UP (Giovanni Fonseca, University of Potsdam)
14:30 – Round table: Virtual Mobility, opportunities and challenges (Denis Anton, Guillaume Dupont-Nivet, Olga Denti; Université de Rennes 1)
15:10 – Why do summer schools - lessons learned and how to get started (Erin Anna Smith, Masaryk University & Claire Le Page, Université de Rennes 1)
15:40 – Rim Aloui: Presentation Research internship (2months in Cagliari) Ben Hadj Yahia Ghassen (Université de Paris-Nanterre)
16:00 – End of the online event

Livestream will be available on EDUC Facebook page here: and EDUC Youtube channel here:

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23.11.2022, 10:00
23.11.2022, 16:00
Livestream will be available on EDUC Facebook page here: and EDUC Youtube channel here:


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