Evening LectEvening Lecture (online) Creation and grace – Adam don´t master but “sheep” the world! (Gen 1 a.2.) Adam, don`t master but “sheep” the earth

All created reality is the result of a separation event. Out of a totality many parts came into being. The dual world in constant evolutionary variety without complete significances came into existence. The bible hymn in Genesis describes the world`s creation as “work in progress” and is thereby congruent with the evolutionary paradigm. In Jewish tradition the natural world and all species are part of the same divine Creation. Hierarchical or evaluative criteria do not apply to any fellow creature. When we remember the grace of living together in one unique creation, we will understand essentials from our identity as fellow creatures. People would not exclude ecological themes as they have done previously. The right to life in all various species is linked to the account of creation: “Be fruitful and increase…” (Gen 1.22 u. 1.28). חסד ו חן God`s grace, God`s loving kindness is praised by all living beings: How great are Your works, O LORD, how very subtle Your designs!” (Psalm 92).

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