Startup Academy for scientists from non-university research institutes: Public Relations for Entrepreneurs

Startup Academy for scientists from non-university research institutes: Public Relations for Entrepreneurs
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Let The World Know You Are The Expert

Public Relations and Communications play a key role in promoting your startup and highlighting your portfolio to potential business partners, contractors or product buyers. To stick out from the masses, entrepreneurs need to know their tools and position themselves as network-compatible partners with a significant amount of expertise.

But what marks a good PR strategy? Where can Social Media add value and what are the key bits of information to attract journalists and editors when publishing? This workshop will provide you with a range of communication tools and strategies to set your products, research or services apart from those of other market participants.

The program in detail:

Basics of PR - core tasks, differentiation from marketing

Addressing target groups / stakeholder analysis

Brief introduction to media and press law

Conception: The exciting story

Identifying the right target media

Formulating key messages

Finding images and what should be considered from a legal perspective

The PR Arena: The online press area

Generating content: The company portrait and footer

Creating the first communication plan

Writing a media release

The Journalist Pitch: Dealing with journalists and their inquiries

Ani Indshewa studied Business Communication Management and International Marketing Management. She helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow their relevant audiences. At the same time she is lecturing at universities and preparing next generation entrepreneurs to take care of their public image, occupy topics and plan their communication. Her focus is active listening, needs assessment and first level customer support. Her core competencies are community & account management, growing, fostering, advocating (for) diverse communities and building relationships that last.

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27.11.2020, 09:15
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