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Research Projects

Our research area of Educational and Socialization Theory focuses on investigating educational and socialization processes in various contexts. Our work is characterized by a close connection to empirical educational and social research.

Currently, we are addressing the following topics:

  • EmergEd – The Emergence of Global Non-Governmental Spaces in Education: Non-Governmental Organizations and the Global Turn in Education (ERC Grant)
  • The ‘start of a beautiful friendship?’– Comparative study of German and Israeli school-NGO interactions across different socio-economic strata (ARCHES Award)
  • DFG Research Project TRANSPACE: The Emergence of Global Administrative Spaces in Transnational Climate Policymaking (TRANSPACE)
  • BMBF MetaKluB - BMBF MetaKluB - Metaproject Cultural Education in Rural Areas (MetaKLuB)
  • MECCE Monitoring & Evaluation of Climate Change Education (MECCE)