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“Understanding how small molecules comprising just a few dozen or less atoms inflict permanent harm upon complex living cells – which contain thousands upon thousands of metabolites, genes, proteins and interconnected signaling networks – is a central concern in modern toxicology.”
(Burcham, An Introduction to Toxicology, 2014, Springer)


to the Chair of Nutritional Toxicology at the Institute of Nutritional Science at University of Potsdam.

The field of Nutritional Toxicology investigates potentially harmful effects of nutrition and food ingredients on humans. Based on this, it deals with the development of preventive measures and nutritional recommendations. Nutritional toxicology is therefore of significant social relevance with respect to health maintenance and disease prevention.

Our research program is entitled "Nutritional Gerontotoxicology" and thus supports the research focus of the Institute of Nutritional Sciences in the field of "Molecular Mechanisms of Nutrition-Dependent Homeostasis and Dysfunction".

The Chair of Nutritional Toxicology is strongly involved in the degree programs in Nutritional Science (BSc/MSc) and in the international Master's degree program in Toxicology at the University of Potsdam.