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Get insights on the EMOTIKON project through our new podcast! Unfortunately, the podcast is currently only available in German.

Episode 4: 'Wissenswerte' show from rbb24 Inforadio. Researchers investigating physical fitness of children in Brandenburg

Click hereto listen to the episode. This podcast episode is part of the radio show 'Wissenswerte' from the German radio station rbb24 Inforadio (September 10, 2023). The Covid pandemic was associated with some fitness losses in third-graders in Brandenburg, Germany. Furthermore, children's physical fitness is associated with socio-economic background. These and further findings of the EMOTIKON project are presented by Reinhold Kliegl, senior professor for Psychology at the University of Potsdam.

Episode 3: 'Data for Action' in primary school physical education. A podcast episode of Listen.UP

Episode 3 is a podcast episode of the Listen.UP Podcast in which cognitive psychologist Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kliegl and sports scientist Thea Fühner report on the EMOTIKON project. The EMOTIKON project investigates, among other things, the temporal development and social-structural correlations of physical fitness. In times of social polarization, the EMOTIKON project is a prototype for a successful and enriching cooperation of different societal groups. In the project, scientists, employees of the Landessportbund and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and teachers of the primary schools work together. The project goal is shared by everyone, regardless of political orientation or social background: To promote children's health. This goal can only be achieved through the cooperation of all groups involved. 


Episode 2: Results and prospects of EMOTIKON

In episode 2, cognitive psychologist Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kliegl is once again a guest in the EMOTIKON podcast. In this episode, you will learn more about temporal development and social-structural correlations of various physical fitness components. We also tell you about projects we are planning to implement in the future. The EMOTIKON project can serve as an "early warning system", that detects small negative changes in children's physical fitness so that they can be counteracted in time. 

Episode 1: History and Goals of EMOTIKON

In episode 1, sports scientist Thea Fühner, cognitive psychologist Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kliegl and Martina Schünemann, a physical education teacher at a primary school who has been working for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports since 2012, talk about the history and future goals of the EMOTIKON project. Since 2009, the EMOTIKON project annually tests the physical fitness of all third-graders in the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany, with one of the goals being to derive recommendations for promoting physical activity and fitness. You'll find out why regularly assessing children's physical fitness is so important and why the EMOTIKON project is a prototype for successful cooperation between different societal groups in times of social division.

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