Information for New Appointees – The Hiring Procedure

In order for Brandenburg’s Ministry for Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) to be able to make an appointment of a civil servant or employee, the following requirements must be met and the corresponding documentation must be submitted:

  • Health Requirements
    Appropriate health status is a legal requirement for being appointed to a civil service post. After you have accepted your appointment offer, a medical officer will examine you for fitness. The University of Potsdam will assume the charges of this medical examination. We recommend that you make an appointment with the medical officer quickly because there are often long wait times. Appointment Management will send you a letter for the medical officer that will inform the medical officer that they should examine your health and fitness.

  • Certificate of Conduct
    The application for the issuance of a certificate of conduct for presentation to a German authority (certificate of conduct for official purposes) must be made in person, and a fee paid. You must have your staff ID and the address of the University as your employer when you submit your application. You can apply for a certificate of good conduct at the Registration Office (Citizen Center) that is responsible for the area in which you reside. Citizens of other European Union member states who live in Germany apply at their Registration Office for a “European certificate of good conduct” that also provides information about the applicant’s criminal record in their state of origin.
    If you currently reside outside of Germany (as a German citizen), then you can submit a written application to the Federal Office of Justice.

  • Social Insurance
    If you accept a position as a civil servant, then you are exempt from all of the branches of social insurance. You can however take out private health or long-term care insurance, or you can elect to take out insurance with a statutory health insurance provider.

  • Other Documentation
    • Certified copies of all academic degrees attained since secondary school
    • Current CV (dated and signed)
    • You have to complete a staff questionnaire for the University of Potsdam that Appointment Management will send to you.