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Academic Staff Development for New Hires

This Coaching for New Hires Service Center is situated in the Office of the President and supports newly hired professors when they start working at the University of Potsdam, by means of a personnel development program and a central platform that facilitates collegial exchange and networking.

The new hire program was developed together with the Center for Quality Development in Teaching and Studies (ZfQ).

Details on the Onboarding Program for New Hires

The University of Potsdam’s onboarding program for new hires is distinguished by its flexibility in responding to specific requests by participants. New hires are given the opportunity to share suggestions and to help orient the program to their own needs.

The new hire program, which seeks to successfully integrate new hires into the University, relies on four modules that contribute toward the fulfillment of strategic goals by networking new hires in a stronger way. The new hire workshop takes place at regular intervals, allowing new arrivals to become familiar with the processes, structures, and central contact persons at the University of Potsdam and to get more information about professional development opportunities.

Then come lunch talks and fireside chats, which facilitate dialogue between the Executive Board and other experts at the University. At least one event is planned for each semester. New hires can discuss current topics from their fields and talk about developments at the University.

Expert inputs constitute another part of the onboarding program. This module covers such subjects as staff management, conflict management, and competence orientation in teaching and studies. Other themes are developed in close coordination with new hires.

Personal coaching sessions are the last pillar for successful work at the University. External coaches are brought in to conduct these sessions, and they have the requisite expertise for the university sector.