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Active participation

The University of Potsdam is developing constantly and thrives on the active participation of our employees and members. Thus, there are numerous opportunities for co-determination in the university’s self-administration, e.g., through participation in committees, commissions, and advisory boards.


General Staff Council, Staff Councils for Academic Staff and in Technology and Administration and Youth and Intern Representation provide representation in accordance with the Staff Representation Act

The decentralized Equal Opportunity Commissioners are your point of contact for all questions regarding equal opportunities between men and women in the faculties and institutions.

Members of the Representative Body for Disabled Employees are committed to employees with impairments (severely disabled persons), providing advice and monitoring compliance with legal obligations.

As a member of the Potsdam Graduate School, you have, among many other benefits, the opportunity to play a significant role in shaping the activities and offerings of PoGS.

In the Council of the Potsdam Graduate School, representatives advise the members and status groups on important issues and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The University Society serves as an intermediary between science, business and society, with the aim of accompanying and promoting the development of our university.

In the ZeLB Assembly and working groups, you can participate in the discussion and certain legally binding decisions on teacher education and develop concepts on individual topics.