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Newly appointed professors impact and shape the University of Potsdam’s profile significantly. Excellent achievements in research contribute to this, as does high-quality, research-oriented teaching. Furthermore, international contacts and work experience gained abroad are becoming increasingly important in the context of ongoing internationalization.

Appointment procedures for professorships with pay grades W1, W2, and W3 at the University of Potsdam follow a standardized process, guaranteeing fair and transparent conditions for all internal and external steps. The search committees pay strict attention to avoid possible conflicts of interests. Our objective is to attract and retain top scientists and scholars, from within and outside of Germany, to the University of Potsdam. W1 professorships are advertised, as far as structurally possible, as tenure-track professorships, i.e. with an option to gain tenure after a probation period.  Appointments to W2 and W3 professorships are typically made without term limitations, i.e. life tenure.

Short information on professorial appointments

Appointment procedure

Tenure-Track professofships

Models for jointly appointed professorships

Dual Career Service