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FAQ on the master's program National and International Administration and Policy (MANIA)

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about the MANIA program. You will find the information on admission in the university’s regulations. Please read these carefully.

  • General Admission Regulations for Master’s Degree Programs not related to teacher education
  • Subject-Specific Admission Regulations for the Master’s Degree Program in National and International Administration and Policy


Before you begin your studies: Am I eligible?

Which degree do I need?

What knowledge of the English language do I have to prove?

Do I need to submit a proof of my German language proficiency?

When can I apply? What is the application deadline?

How do I apply?

Financial planning: What costs do I have to expect?

Do I have to pay tuition fees?

Are there scholarships for international students? If so, which ones?

How expensive is life in Germany?

Once I have received a letter of admission: How do I organize my studies?

Do I get support with regard to my visa application?

Until when do I have to enroll (matriculation)?

Where can I find the most important information on starting my studies (e.g. introductory events)?

By when do I have to select my courses and register these?

Can I do an internship during my MA NIA studies? If so, does the university offer help in finding an internship?

Writing a Master’s thesis as a MANIA student: What do I have to consider?

How many CPs do I need to start writing my thesis?

If I am at the stage of writing my thesis but I have not received a note for an examination yet, can I exmatriculate?

To whom should the most recent transcript of the recordings be sent?

Must the second supervisor be chosen from the list of supervisors (“Liste der Prüferinnen und Prüfer für die Betreuung der Masterarbeiten im SoSe 23 und WiSe 23/24”)?

Where can I find all the regulations regarding writing my Master’s thesis?

Housing and social affairs: How do I find accommodation and how do I quickly find my way around?

How do I find accommodation?

How do I find my way in Germany? Is there any guidance, particularly in the beginning?

Can I take language courses (e.g. German as a foreign language) at the university?