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Prof. Dr. Lisa V. Bruttel

Current Position and Education

Since June 2014 Professor of Economics, Chair of Markets, Competition and Institutions, University of Potsdam
September 2008 - May 2014 Assistant Professor of Behavioral Economics, University of Konstanz
December 2007 Promotion (summa cum laude), Humboldt-University Berlin
January 2005 - August 2008 Teaching and Research Assistant, Humboldt-University Berlin
December 2004 Humboldt-University Berlin, Diplom-Volkswirtin (M.Sc. [Econ])


  • The effects of recommended retail prices on retailer and buyer behavior (forthcoming), Economica.
  • A note on making humans randomize (2015), with Tim Friehe, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 58, pp. 40-45.
  • Can short-term incentives induce long-lasting cooperation? Results from a public-goods experiment (2014), with Tim Friehe, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 53, pp. 120-130.
  • On the path dependence of tax compliance (2014), with Tim Friehe, European Economic Review 65, pp. 90-107.
  • Taking the initiative. What characterizes leaders? (2013), with Urs Fischbacher, European Economic Review 64, pp. 147–168.
  • Can subgame perfect equilibrium threats foster cooperation? An experiment test of finite-horizon Folk theorems (2013), with Werner Güth, Ulrich Kamecke and Vera Angelova, Economic Inquiry 51(2), pp. 1345-1356.
  • No contract or unfair contract: What's better? (2012), with Gerald Eisenkopf, Journal of Socio-Economics 41, pp. 384-390.
  • Competition within firms (2012), with Simeon Schudy, Journal of Competition Law and Economics 8(1), pp. 167-185.
  • Finitely repeated prisoners' dilemma experiments without a commonly known end (2012), with Werner Güth and Ulrich Kamecke, International Journal of Game Theory 41(1), pp. 23-47.
  • Infinity in the lab. How do people play repeated games?, with Ulrich Kamecke (2012), Theory and Decision 72(2), pp. 205-219.
  • Strategic buyers and market entry (2011), with Jochen Glöckner, Journal of Competition Law and Economics 7(2), pp. 403-426.
  • Predatory pricing and recoupment under EC competition law - Per-se rules, underlying assumptions and the reality: Results of an experimental study (2010), with Jochen Glöckner, European Competition Law Review 31(11), pp. 423-431.
  • The Critical Discount Factor as a Measure for Cartel Stability? (2009), Journal of Economics 96(2), pp. 113-136.
  • Group dynamics in experimental studies - The Bertrand paradox revisited (2009), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 69(1), pp. 51-63.

Working Papers and Current Projects

  • Getting a yes. An experiment on the power of asking, with Florian Stolley and Verena Utikal
  • Incentives and random answers in post-experimental questionnaires, with Irenaeus Wolff
  • Strategic ignorance in repeated prisoners’ dilemma experiments and its effects on the dynamics of voluntary cooperation, with Simon Felgendreher, Werner Güth, and Ralph Hertwig
  • Asymmetric voluntary cooperation - A repeated sequential best-shot experiment, with Werner Güth
  • Is there a loyalty enhancing effect of retroactive price reduction schemes?
  • The limits of buyer power: Experimental evidence

Prof. Dr. Lisa V. Bruttel   

Tel.: +49 (0) 331 977 4543


Griebnitzsee, Haus 1, Raum 2.61c

Dienstags, 10:00 - 11:00 Uhr