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Welcome to the hompage of the Department of Cellular Physiology of Nutrition

EM image of caveolae at the cytosolic plasma membrane leaflet of adipocytes.
Picture: Claudia Matthäus
Caveolae at the cytosolic plasma membrane leaflet of adipocytes.

Our laboratory integrates within the research focus of the Institute of Nutritional Sciences on "Molecular Mechanisms of Nutrition-Dependent Homeostasis and Dysfunction."  In the lab we investigate cellular membrane processes involved in lipid metabolism in health and metabolic diseases. In particular, we are interested in 50-80 nm sized plasma membrane invaginations called caveolae. Caveolae are prominently found at the plasma membrane of adipocytes indicating an important function for their physiology. To study caveolae we are using various advanced light and electron microscopy approaches.

Additional details can be found on our website:

Open Positions

12/2023 Postdoc position is available in the lab!  More details can be found here: Please contact Claudia Matthäus.


Students interested to participate in the lab for their Bachelor or Master thesis are encouraged to reach out to Prof. Claudia Matthäus. If interested in joining the lab as PhD candidate or Postdoc please send a cover letter stating your own research interest, CV and contact details of two references directly to Prof. Claudia Matthäus.

Currently available topics:

Bachelor Thesis: Investigation of intracellular caveolae trafficking in fibroblasts

Master Thesis: Lipidomic analysis of caveolae mediated lipid uptake in fibroblasts