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The University of Potsdam offers a variety of online services that support employees and students working from home. Most services are freely available over the internet with your UP account, some can be used with the help of a Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN).

Szenario Homeoffice
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The ongoing development due to the coronavirus pandemic requires to create the technical conditions for home office work in the widest possible area.

This is associated with access to various internal resources via the Internet, which also increases the attack surface for malicious software. Against the background of the permanently increasing danger of computer viruses, it is now particularly important that everyone is also aware of their personal responsibility. Technical security measures alone are not sufficient. Please always act carefully.

You can find up-to-date security information on the ZIM website (in German) (https://www.uni-potsdam.de/de/zim/beratung-hilfe/sicherheitshinweise) among other places.

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ZIM Service

Phone: +49 331 977-4444

E-Mail: zim-serviceuni-potsdamde

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