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IT manuals

Foto der IT-Handbücher des Hochschulrechenzentrums Hannover
Photo: ZIM

Students and employees of the University of Potsdam can purchase IT manuals published by Leibniz Universität IT-Services Hannover both as e-books and some in printed form. This means that all titles offered by Leibniz Universität are available in digital form. As a paper version, however, we can only offer a selection. These manuals are very suitable as accompanying material for courses as well as for self-study.

The manuals are sold in the service centers of ZIM between 8 am and 3 pm. We only accept the student chip card (PUCK) as a means of payment. The corresponding amount must be loaded in advance at one of the recharging stations. Employees must make the purchase through a procurement order.

Dispensing conditions

According to the terms of distribution of Leibniz Universität IT Services Hannover, which result from the contracts with the publishing houses, the distribution of these manuals is restricted to members (students and employees) of the University of Potsdam, for their own use. The distribution to other private persons, schools of all kinds, also adult education centers, vocational academies, companies, institutes organized under private law is expressly prohibited.

Foto der IT-Handbücher des Hochschulrechenzentrums Hannover
Photo: ZIM

The following titles can be purchased as e-books

The list of e-books available for sale as PDF files can be found on the Leibniz Universität website.  

To avoid misuse, the booklets are sold personalized. Each booklet costs 4 €.

The following titles can be purchased as a printed booklet

Access 2013, Grundlagen für Anwender 5,50 EUR
Access 2013, Grundlagen für Datenbankentwickler 6,10 EUR
Adobe Illustrator - Grundlagen 5,50 EUR
Adobe InDesign CS6 6,20 EUR
Adobe Photoshop CC 5,80 EUR
CorelDraw X3 5,50 EUR
CSS-Grundlagen 6,30 EUR
Excel 2016 - Grundlagen 5,60 EUR
Excel 2016 - FortgeschritteneTechniken 5,50 EUR
Excel 2016 - Automatisierung & Programmierung 5,80 EUR
Excel 2016 - Formeln & Funktionen clever nutzen 4,00 EUR
Excel 2016 - Statistik 4,00 EUR
HTML - Grundlagen der Erstellung von Webseiten mit HTML 4, XHTML, HTML 5 5,00 EUR
HTML 4 - Zusatzwissen 6,20 EUR
LaTex 5,80 EUR
MATLAB/Simulink 4,00 EUR
Moodle 2 – Schneller und effizienter Einstieg in die Praxis 6,30 EUR
Outlook 2013 5,90 EUR
PowerPoint 2013 - Grundlagen 5,30 EUR
PowerPoint 2013 - FortgeschritteneTechniken 4,70 EUR
SPSS - Grundlagen 4,20 EUR
SPSS - für Fortgeschrittene 5,30 EUR
Statistik mit R 4,90 EUR
Windows 8 Grundlagen 5,50 EUR
Word 2016 - Grundlagen 5,50 EUR
Word 2016 - Fortgeschrittene Techniken 5,20 EUR
Word 2016 - Serienbriefe 3,80 EUR
Word 2016 - wissenschaftliche Arbeiten 4,90 EUR