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Versioning system| Git.UP

Illustration zum Dienst Versionierungssystem
Photo: ZIM

With Git.UP, a versioning system, the ZIM offers a service that allows distributed teams to work together on software projects. It is based on the version management system Git and supplements it with intuitive project management and integrated task management.

Members of other universities from the DFN-AAI Federation can also collaborate on projects hosted here.

Git allows local version control even without a central server. Changes can be transferred to a server (such as Git.UP) at a later time - either as a private backup copy or to share the project with others.

Data is synchronised via HTTPS and SSH (from the campus network) between the local repository and a repository on another machine.

This service provides management of versions of:

  • source code (C, C++, php, etc.)
  • digital documents (PDF, Office files, TeX, etc.)
  • Configuration files (.ini, .dat, etc.).

You can:

  • create source code repositories
  • version source code files, etc.
  • Manage source code branches
Illustration zum Dienst Versionierungssystem
Photo: ZIM