FAQ – frequently asked questions about the Refugee Teachers program

1. Question: What are the program’s objectives?

 The program’s main objective is for refugee teachers to gain insight into the German school system. The acquisition of the German language serves as a basis for this. Moreover, the program includes exchanges with teacher students and experienced teachers as well as observation of classes.

2. Question: Will the participants be granted a professional qualification?

 No. The successful completion of the program will be acknowledged by granting two certificates (language and pedagogical certificate). These certificates will, however, not lead to an official recognition of foreign teacher qualifications, which is necessary for accessing the profession of a teacher in Germany.

3. Question: Will the participants be officially enrolled at the University of

Potsdam?  No. The participants will only be granted a guest status.

4. Question: Will travel costs be reimbursed?

 Only in exceptional cases and only in part. Since this is a qualification program and not a study, we suggest contacting the job center for the possible reimbursement of travel costs.

5. Question: Which expenses will the participants have to bear?

The participation is free. The teaching material may incur costs of 25–45 euro.

6. Question: Will there be a childcare facility at the University of Potsdam?

No. Not as part of the participation of this qualification program.

7. Question: Are there other or similar programs at other universities?

 Yes. Information on other programs for refugee teachers can be found here on our website, here.