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Prof. Dr. Maja Apelt

Funded by: German Research Foundation

Granted project volume: 304.013,87 € (+22% overhead)

Run-time: 01.04.2018 - 30.06.2021


The project is a sub-project of the DFG research group "Law - Gender - Collectivity". This group is interested in how social conflicts present themselves when they are viewed from the perspective of gendered and legally organised processes of collectivisation. The emergence of collectivity as well as the constitution of subjectivities will be focused in an interdisciplinary process.

Main research question:

This sub-project investigates how European anti-discrimination law is implemented and enforced from legislation through organisational regulations, instructions and recommendations in two male-dominated types of organisations (corporate actors) - the military and the fire service. The focus is on (1) which collective actors - interest organisations and social groups - participate in this process, constitute themselves in the process and how they relate to each other, (2) how law changes in this process and (3) how this affects practices of equal treatment.

Research objective:

The project starts in 2000 with the EU anti-discrimination directives and will integrate document and media analysis, expert interviews in the organisations and groups involved, and on selected case studies on the interaction between different actors.