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Post-doctoral dissertation (Habilitation)

The Habilitation serves as proof of the ability to independently represent a scientific field in research and teaching (venia legendi). The completion of this teaching qualification confers the right to add the suffix “habilitatus” (abbreviated “habil.”) to the academic degree of doctor. All necessary information on Habilitation at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences can be found on this page.

Doctoral and Habilitation Officer

Foto von Frau Florence Scholz

Mrs. Florence Scholz

Tel.: 0331 977-3419, Building 1, Room 1.28

You can find more information about the Habilitation committee here

The Habilitation procedure

Step 1: Check prerequisites

Step 2: Admission to Habilitation

Step 3: Opening of the Habilitation procedure

Step 4: Appraisal

Step 5: Display

Step 6: Acceptance

Step 7: Presentation and colloquium

Step 8: Publication