Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University of Potsdam

Welcome to the TEFL section of the Department of English and American Studies!

The TEFL section deals with a variety of issues concerning the teaching and learning of the English language, literatures and cultures of English-speaking countries. In our courses and seminars future English teachers – from primary to secondary schools – will be introduced to theories and concepts about language learning in order to understand how (foreign) languages are learned and how the language learning process of learners can be monitored, supported and assessed. Moreover, our students learn how to design the language learning classroom and develop their language learners’ intercultural communicative competence. Our seminars and practical courses also help students to apply their theoretical knowledge by developing tasks or materials for language learning or experimenting with various media to assist language learning processes. It is our aim to assist students’ own learning processes and to help them become reflective practitioners who use their own learning and teaching experiences in order to continually reflect about their own practices as English language teachers. 

Our research interests cover a variety of language learning areas like teaching the English language, literatures and cultures, primary and secondary school education, using media (e.g. tablet PCs) in foreign language learning, inter- and transcultural approaches, genre- and drama-based language learning and others. Please refer to our individual pages, our projects and services to learn more about the research conducted at our department. 

News and Dates

  • 7 May, 2021 Fremdsprachendidaktisches Kolloquium Berlin-Brandenburg 2021 - Fremdsprachenunterricht im digitalen Format, further information here.
  • 1 October, 2020 - 15 December, 2020: Registration for "Schulpraktische Studien Englisch" for the summer term 2021 via Moodle. Find more information on "Schulpraktische Studien Englisch" and the corresponding seminar "Planung und Gestaltung von Englischunterricht" here.
  • 1 October, 2020 - 15 February, 2021: Enrolment for Academic Essays (Modularbeiten)
  • Every second Monday: Offenes Fremdsprachendidaktisches Kolloquium
  • Current information to the effect of corona on the intership semester (Praxissemester) can be found on ZeLB website.
  • Current information to the effect of corona on the entrance exam (Eignungsprüfung) can be found here.