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Franziska Martin


Campus am Neuen Palais
Building 19, Room 1.25
14469 Potsdam


consulting hours
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Curriculum Vitae

 As a student I was broadly speaking scientifically interested in power and its many discourses. Concerning didactics and teaching I was mainly focused on global and intercultural learning which cumulated in my master thesis Unmapping the `Refugee ExperienceS`.  As a teacher at the TFG I aimed to apply scientific research to develop a CLIL as well as a global learning curriculum centering around the SDGs for our new bilingual classes. I developed interactive problem-solving scenarios on the SDGs with students from the university for many project days at my school. Herby, digital learning arrangements played an important role as well. Currently, I plan to use these practical experiences to support young teachers in their education at the University of Potsdam and to strengthen the intersections between theory and practice.


Secondary teacher

Studienrätin am SRBII in Altlandsberg, Brandenburg


Abgeordnete Lehrkraft der Universität Potsdam /

Bachelorseminar: „Language Learning Materials in the EFL classroom”
SoSe 2023

Teaching assignment

Lehrauftrag / Masterseminar: „Teaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Global Education in der EFL classroom“ an der Universität Potsdam

Secondary teacher for Political Education and English

Studienrätin für Englisch und Politische Bildung am TFG, Strausberg, Brandenburg

Postgraduate Teacher Trainee

Referendariat und Staatsprüfung für Sek I und II am TFG, Strausberg, Brandenburg


Research assistant

Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft am Lehrstuhl für Amerikanische Literatur und Kultur an der Universität Potsdam                                                                                                                                       

Master-of-Education studies

Lehramtsstudium für Sek I und II für Englisch und Politische Bildung an der Universität Potsdam


Freitag-Hild, Britta, and Franziska Martin. “What would you do if your home became a warzone? Mit einer Autobiografie Fluchtumstände eines Kindes nachvollziehen,“ Der Fremdsprachliche Unterricht Englisch, 2019, 159, 30-7.

Martin, Franziska.  “How to make your idea go viral,“ Der Fremdsprachliche Unterrich Englisch, 2022, 179, 34-38.


10/22                 “Speaking truth to power — what students can learn from refugee narratives“  (Fremdsprachentag, BB)

10/22                “Be a game changer and a goal keeper! — content, global, digital and language integrated learning with a  project on the SDGs” (Fremdsprachentag, BB)