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We want to sensitize students from all disciplines for sustainability. The module includes a debate on sustainability in the major fields culture, economy and ecology. It is possible to gain 6 credit points in the module of studium oecologicum. These credit points are achievable for example with a successful participation of the lecture in winter semester and the workshop in summer. The module contains even more events which can be combined with each other.

-          open for students of all disciplines

-          events in winter and summer term

-          maximum of 6 credit points

-          assignment on Puls



Our lectures take place every week in winter semester. Every week a different lecturer gives a presentation about Sustainability or Global Climate Change. Therefore, all lectures have a different topic, but in the frame of ecological, social and economic sustainability. A diversity of content is given to gain a diversified knowledge. At the end of the term, an exam for grading takes place. 3 credit points can be earned.

project seminar:

Our seminar take place every week in the summer semester. The students have the possibility to design and implement their own project in the frame of sustainability. At the end of the term a presentation takes place to show the results. 3 credit points can be earned.