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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, please refer to the

  • Researcher(s) of a specific study via SONA for questions pertaining to a specific study, including all queries about credit granting (VP-Stunden-Gutschrift), reimbursement options, participation documentation or the task itself. You will find the contact information for the researcher(s) in the SONA study description.
  • SONA Team for questions regarding your SONA account or SONA in general.


Do I have to collect signatures for my credits (VP-Stunden)?

I was blocked from study sign-ups! What can I do?

Who can register in SONA?

Prescreen Questionnaire – What is that?

Why can't I see a study that others can see?

What is a credit (VP-Stunde)?

What kind of studies are offered?

How long does a study take?

How can I conduct a study in SONA myself?

How can I delete my account?

How can I create a printout of my credits (VP-Stunden)?

Participating in online studies

Why has my participation not been documented? Why have I not been granted credit or received money?

I collect credits but do not study at the University of Potsdam. How can I obtain a confirmation of participation?

Can I continue to participate in online studies even though I have reached my credit (VP-Stunden) limit for online studies?