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Researcher role

In order to administer studies via Sona the researcher role is needed. As a prerequiste you need to be a member of the intra-faculty unit "Cognitive Sciences" at the university of Potsdam. The following persons are eligible for a researcher role in Sona:

  • Student assistants in a project
  • Students who need to test participants as part of their Bachelor and Master theses in the areas of Psychology, Sports and Health Sciences and Linguistics
  • PhD students
  • Interns (incl. ExPrak)
  • Staff
  • External guest scientists

Apply for the researcher role

 You need to do all of the following steps:

  1. If you have not already registered as a participant in Sona, please do so by creating a participant account here.
  2. Read the Guidlines  for the researcher and PI role.
    Please pay also attention to the information in the Researcher FAQs.
  3. Download the Application for the researcher role, fill in all required information (including all necessary signatures) and upload it with the next step. If you are unable to submit the application digitally, fill in the online form anyway and hand in the application as hard copy to one of the Sona team members or send it by (internal) mail.
  4. Fill in and submit the online form below.
  5. After we have received the online form and the signed application we will get in touch with you with further information by email.
  6. Before you start working with Sona or make an appointment with us for an introduction please have a look at this Sona YouTube tutorial for researchers.

Sona researcher request

Files: *.png, *.jpg, *.pdf and max. 10MB

You will find the link to the PDF form above in point 3.
If you would like to submit the form on paper, please indicate this in the comments field below and be aware that the application process will take longer as a result.

Please enter the result of the calculation into the input field.